Wholesale Cleaning Supplies for all

We have approximately 500 product lines for you to choose from. All of our chemicals are manufactured in Queensland. Everything from body wash and hair shampoo, degreasers, Anti Tobacco air freshener and gritty hand cleaner.

  • - Specials include
  • - Car, truck and boat wash liquid: 5Lt $16 - 20Lt $55
  • - Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Peach / Herbal: 1 Lt $4.50 - 5 Lt $18.00
  • - 70 gm s/s scourers: $1.50
  • - ASW Degreaser: 5 Lt $19.00 - 20 Lt $77.00
  • Plus lots more, come and see for yourself.
    We are far more reasonable than the super market

    If you require the manufacturers MSD Sheet please email us or simply use our contact form.

    We supply to ALL Townsville, Ingham, Ayr, Bowen and all Townsville's surrounding area's, Tell us on Face Book what you think of our site, Suggest ways to improve it. DELIVERY, we will deliver either same day or next day,

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